“How Tall is John Abraham – Real Height”

“Do you know how tall is John Abraham?
The Height of John Abraham

5ft 11 ½ (182cm)

(Real Height)
Height in foot / feet (ft): 5ft 11 ½
The Height in Centimeter (CMS): 182
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John Abraham

John Abraham is the name of: John Abraham (actor) (born 1972), Bollywood actor John Abraham (director) (1937–1987), Malayali Indian filmmaker and scriptwriter John Abraham (American football) (born 1978), Retired NFL defensive end for the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, and Arizona Cardinals John Abraham (politician) (died 1689), Hudson’s Bay Company governor of Port Nelson John Braham (1774–1856), English vocalist, born John Abraham John Abraham (mayor), Indian American former mayor of Teaneck, NJ John Abraham (professor), mechanical engineering professor at the University of Saint Thomas

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John Abraham : Wikipedia

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