“How Tall is Eriko Tamura – Real Height”

“Do you know how tall is Eriko Tamura?
The Height of Eriko Tamura

5ft 3 ¾ (162cm)

(Real Height)
Height in foot / feet (ft): 5ft 3 ¾
The Height in Centimeter (CMS): 162
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Eriko Tamura

Eriko Tamura (田村 英里子, Tamura Eriko, born in January 16, 1973 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan), sometimes credited only as Eriko, is a Japanese actress and singer. Her anime series Idol Densetsu Eriko (Legendary Idol Eriko) has been syndicated worldwide, airing in such countries as France, Italy, India and Spain. In live action series, she portrayed Princess Yaeko in the television show Heroes and Mai, the villainess in the feature film Dragonball Evolution.

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Eriko Tamura : Wikipedia

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